ALL NEW Headband Giveaway!

Crochet Co has been in business as a interchangeable flower hat company for nearly 4 years! Every time spring rolls around I contemplate what I could create for Crochet Co that fits what I already have going...headwear. Last week the idea I have been waiting for finally hit me!
I spent several days searching "Crochet Flowers" on Pinterest, seeking out as many unique flower ideas as possible. I knew I wanted to create a fresh, out of the box crochet flower for my new product line. I made about 10 mock ups of different varieties before deciding the very rough version of this flower was exactly what I wanted.
I finally finessed the pattern down to an exact science - which has brought about these beauties! The flowers are made to be interchangeable to each headband AND your Crochet Co hat! So, if you had 10 flowers, one elastic headband, and one hat, you would be set for all weather (I'm not saying having more than one elastic band and hat is a bad thing though...)
I was so excited with my new product that I had to get everything right away to make it become a reality for myself and for all of you - my fabulous customers! I've invested so much into making sure that these headbands will be quality pieces for your little ladies to love on for a long time. My couch has been buried neck deep in 100 different colors of yarn so that I can make sure that every color combination is perfect!
As you and I anticipate the arrival of this groundbreaking new spring line, WIN one before you can buy one! The winner of this giveaway will win one elastic band and crochet flower of their choice! Thank you so much for your support in my new product line! I would be so honored if you would consider sharing this post on your own facebook page, as well!